Travel Light – an exhibition to warm your senses




Sun, beach, tropical heaven… in Toronto!

Muse Gallery presents a most exhilarating exhibit by James Robert Durant. For over 6 years he has chartered pilots to create tropical aerials of beaches in Miami, Hawaii, Nevis, Barbados, Jamaica and several other destinations, which resulted in Travel Light. On until April 28!

For over a decade James Robert Durant has explored the perception of the purchase-able paradise.


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Human behavior is shackled to the sun. At the equator, the sun is closest to the earth’s surface, beckoning visitors to its warmer tropical climate. Stripped of heavy baggage, both emotional and material, tourists travel light. Tickets are booked, hotels are erected, pools are filled, and drinks are served. It has become my vice to understand this movement of behavior beyond simple geography. The sun’s close proximity at the equator also spawns a daylight that is more yellow than anywhere else in the world.  I always try to use photography beyond its traditional definition of recording light reflecting off objects.  Coupled with reflected light, I capture the image through the daylight that is yellow-bent.  As a result, no “true blacks” are generated in the images and a nostalgic look reveals itself. A ‘travel light’ is born.


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